For a handful of years now, I've been handicapping when I felt good enough, and I primarily focused on College Football and my Computer Plays...which people have gotten to know rather well, and I gave out those plays at no cost. I mainly tweeted them, but was posting on a site or two. Now when I say, "felt good enough...", it's because, as most people know, I have severe Crohn's disease. The last 5 years have been trying new medicines, and being in and out of the hospital at a crazy pace. What's the difference this year, and why am I charging? Well quite simply, I have felt pretty good for a handful of months now! I've been capping MLB and Basketball, and have been posting plays in a chat group. So now that I am feeling better, and I know I can get plays out every night if needed, I figured it's only fair that I charge a little something, especially because College Football is a LOT of work for me! And the money for Packages and/or Donations will be used for medical costs. I'm on a number of prescribed meds, and I have hospital bills dating back to who knows when! So I'm going to do the work to help you make money in College Football, and I'll probably throw in MLB Plays as well, with the Packages Purchased! Every Package bought, and any Donation is EXTREMELY Appreciated.

Thank You,
- Brian Hill (CEO of WillCashSports)