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Over the L8 Weeks, our CFB Computer Plays finished at an astonishing 39-19, 67%. That is quite an achievement, folks. I may be wrong, but I'm doubting any other Capper hit 67% over 58 CFB Plays, over the L8 Weeks!  Also, the Computer Plays have historically done very well in Bowl Games.  

Over the Last 8 Weeks, College Football Computer Plays, 39-19, 67%. All of this is independently documented at:


If you are wondering about my past, or what to expect with my plays, then simply look to the left and you will see a number of examples of how I did in year's past. The chart above that charts my Units Won over just the last 2 months alone.

What I do with WillCashSports is offer hi level capping, which = Winning Plays (knock on wood), and offer them at a price so that $10 and $20 bettors can afford to pay for picks and still make money. For the 2018-19t College Football Season, I went 58-36, hitting 61.7%! And that was all independently tracked at The Action Networkunder WillCashSports. I'm hoping we can do similar numbers this year, if not better!
The W.C.S. News and Notes for: December 20, 2019
*1U Per Play Scale
2012-'13 NFL & CFB records are not accurate due to the health issues, multiple hospitalizations & missing out on weeks.
2013 CFB:
58-41, +1,427
2013 NFL:
14-10, +280
2012 MLB:
240-212, +35.23
2012-'13 CFB:
32-24, +8.00
*not including 2H wins
2012-'13 NFL:
10-10, -1.10
2011-'12 CFB:
124-72, +55 YTD
2011-'12 NFL:
 70-50, +21 YTD
2012 WNBA:
33-17, +16.65
2011 / '12 NBA:
117-61, +52
2011 / '12 CBB:
299-173, 63%
2010-'11 CFB: 
62-31, 66% +34U
2010-'11 NFL: 
27-18, +18U
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Euro Cup FreePlays:
21-5, +1,825!
Below is my Graph for the 2018 CFB Season! Went 58-36, 61%! Verified by an independent sports service:
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