Last 3 seasons of CFB: 176-120, 59% and 14.49% ROI. 

CFB Season is here! My goal is to provide Winning Plays at a price in which $20 per game players can afford and win some money. Just follow the link:


WillCashSports: 785-578, 57.6% over 1,300 Plays!

The W.C.S. News and Notes for: August 28, 2021
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Below is my Graph for the 2019 CFB Season! Went 74-47, 61%! Verified by an independent sports service:
.How do you get your Picks?    Good question, and here is the answer: You select which packages you want to buy and hit the "buy this" button. That will take you to a PayPal screen and you can pay by simply using your debit / credit card! A paypal account is NOT needed. The page in which you make your payment  is 100% secure and safe. That is what the gold deadbolt means. I'd also like to point out that I CANNOT see your Debit / Credit Card information, so it's entirely safe and secure. Once the money transaction takes place, we here at WillCashSports will receive a comfirmation email and fire off our picks straight to your email at the time they are released! The whole process only takes a few minutes and is very easy to use. Not to mention, we are working with PayPal, the most popular, safe and respected way to make a payment on the web! 
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What I do with WillCashSports is offer high level capping, which = Winning Plays (knock on wood), and offer them at a price so that $10 and $20 bettors can afford to pay for picks and still make money. For the 2018-19 College Football Season, I went 58-36, hitting 61.7%! And that was all independently tracked at The Action Network, under WillCashSports. I'm hoping we can do similar numbers this year, if not better!
The graph below is for All of the Sports Wagers. To see all Results, you can go to The Action Network and look for WillCashSports!